byhookcrochet is run by me, Marianne Eyre.

Yarn bombing in Steyning

Yarn bombing in Steyning

My Mum taught me to crochet when I was about eight (thanks Mum) but with work, being a Mum myself and general day-to-day life taking priority I forgot how relaxing and just generally enjoyable crochet is.

Since picking up a hook again a year or so ago I have been inspired to make many items, using patterns, imagination and sometimes just plain copying something I’ve seen somewhere.  The colours and textures of the yarns that I use are addictive and I’ve changed from being a shoe person to a wool person (I now have more stashes of yarn around the house than I used to have boxes full of shoes!).

Living in the West Sussex countryside (just outside the small town of Steyning) I am lucky to be able to take advantage of walks by the River Adur and being close to the beach.  Although my working life has been heavily IT based I’m now at my happiest being creative (but project management skills are in constant use!).

I really think that we can all enjoy being able to make something that is unique and am now starting classes to teach people how to crochet – spreading the love of this craft!


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